Will there be a Bitter Ashes book six?

Yes, there will be a book six. Unfortunately, I do have to place my focus on my better selling series, as my writing is my sole source of income (painful indie author reality, *cries*). I will, however, never leave a series unfinished! I do my best to release new installments in my ongoing series as quickly as possible. 



Will we be seeing more of Finn and the rest of the Tree of Ages gang?

Yes! This will be my next release after Curse of the Akkeri (book two of the Moonstone Chronicles).


Will the rest of the Tree of Ages series be available in audio format?

Yes! Book four is coming soon, and book five just a few months after that!


Why can't I get certain books on iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Google Play?

My Tree of Ages series, and Moonstone Chronicles are part of the Kindle Unlimited program, which requires exclusivity to Amazon. The Kindle app, however, can be downloaded for free onto any phone, tablet, or computer.


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