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When the fate of the elves rests on the shoulders of an antisocial swamp witch, will a common enemy be enough to bring two disparate races together? 


The Empire rules with an iron fist. The Valeroot elves have barely managed to survive, but at least they’re not Arthali witches like Elmerah. Her people were exiled long ago. Just a child at the time, her only choice was to flee her homeland, or remain among those who’d betrayed their own kind. She was fine living out her solitary life in a swamp until pirates kidnap her and throw her in with their other captives, young women destined to be sold into slavery. 


With the help of an elven priestess, Elmerah teaches the pirates what happens to men who cross Arthali witches, but she’s too late to avoid docking near the Capital. While her only goal is to run far from the political intrigue taking place within, she finds herself pulled mercilessly into a plot to overthrow the Empire, and to save the elven races from meeting a bloody end. 


Elmerah will learn of a dark magical threat, and will have to face the thing she fears most: the duplicitous older sister she left behind, far from their home in Shadowmarsh.


Faerune is running out of time.


With the threat of the Dreilore nipping at their heels, our unlikely companions have only one choice: to move forward with Alluin’s mad plan to overthrow the Empire. The emperor must be killed, and the Dreilore defeated, but first Isara Saredoth must be located. She’s the only rational choice for empress, someone both humans and elves alike can support.

Elmerah, Alluin, and Saida will brave the Akkeri temples to find their empress, but Isara may not be exactly what they expected. In fact, some think her quite mad. Everyone knows that sane people don’t believe in demons. That’s what Elmerah used to think, but after facing off with the emperor on more than one occasion, she’s beginning to have her doubts.

In this second installment of The Moonstone Chronicles, our heroes will learn just what it means to truly sacrifice for a cause, just as they will learn that words like family, and loyalty, have very little to do with blood.

One of the greatest cities has fallen, betrayed by its own people. Yet Saida’s loss is even greater, and for her pain, someone must pay. Though the events of the battle were orchestrated by the Emperor, her heart casts blame on only one elf. While Elmerah and Alluin work toward the next step in their plan, Saida can think of only him.

Meanwhile, tensions between the Arthali and the elves are growing. Despite the strength they provide, the elves are hesitant to allow more Arthali to be collected. Not that Rissine will listen to their complaints.

Will Alluin and Elmerah hold this new, shaky alliance together, or will all fall to ruin, making the Arthali and elves alike easy victims of the Emperor’s machinations?

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