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I am demon, hear me roar.

A demon’s life is never easy. Join Xoe as she’s thrown to the wolves, the werewolves that is. As if witches, human sacrifices, and other demons weren’t enough to deal with, Xoe must struggle to rein in her powers before she sets something more important than a washing machine on fire. If she can’t, her whole life might go up in flames.

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Xoe is back and better than ever! Set three years in the future, The Demon Code is the continuation of Xoe’s story. All of your favorite characters have returned, along with a few new ones!


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I had imagined plenty of scenarios for seeing Chase again, but I’d never thought it would happen like this. I didn’t know where he’d been all this time, but I knew one thing for sure, he wasn’t responsible for his brother’s murder. Now if only I could prove that to the Demon Council. We weren’t on the best of terms, especially since my investigation firm started serving not only demons, but vampires, werewolves, and any other supernaturals in need of help. 

We only have two weeks until the trial that might prove fatal for Chase. Demons aren’t the most forgiving of creatures. We live by a strict code. To break it means death. Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at following the rules.

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