The Demon Code: Chapter Seven

Rose balled her hands into fists at her side, her gaze darting back and forth between me and Chase. “Did either of you know she was still around? Don’t lie to me.” I bit my lip. I was such an idiot. I hadn’t even thought to tell Rose that Nix was back in Shelby. Nix had been manipulated by my grandmother into killing Rose’s family members, but it didn’t change the fact that she was the one who’d murdered them in cold blood. “You did know,” she accused, reading my expression. I lifted my hands in surrender. “Only since yesterday. Before that, I hadn’t seen her since she went on the run from the Demon Council. I had no idea she was involved with Sam’s death.” I frowned at that, because it real

The Demon Code: Chapter Six

(Sorry I'm late, this chapter was a bit longer than usual!) The four of us made it back to the house without incident. Once we were all inside the entry room, safe behind a locked door, I withdrew the knife from my coat. Dory took one look at it, then disappeared further into the house with Alexius. Standing across from me, Chase stared down at the blade, a sick expression on his face. “It’s probably not the knife that actually killed him,” I consoled. “It might even be a knife that Sam used on someone else.” He raised his eyes to glare at me. “Sam may have been a criminal, but he wasn’t violent.” I cringed at my own lack of tact. I’d never been good at the whole comforting lies thing. I pre

The Demon Code: Chapter five

The rest of my evening had been uneventful, and the next morning Dory and I prepared to visit Sam’s secret hideout by the wharf. I sipped my coffee in the kitchen, dressed down in jeans, a chunky green sweater a few shades darker than my eyes, and waterproof winter boots. The snow had finally started falling in the underground, catching up to the Oregon weather above. I shoved the rest of my buttered toast into my mouth, the pulled my cell out of my pocket to check the time, almost 7:00 am. It was a bit earlier than I normally liked to be up and around, but I wanted to get to the wharf before it got too busy . . . not that it was ever that busy. The demons had tried to make it into a new bus

The Demon Code: Chapter Four

“Are you warm enough?” Jason questioned, glancing over his shoulder at Nix to catch her nod. I put on my seatbelt as we cruised down the narrow country road, snug in the front seat while Jason drove. He’d put on the heat full blast for Nix, considerate even of people he didn’t like. That was just Jason though, nicer than most humans, which was rare for a vampire. Jason turned the car off the dirt road and onto a paved one, leading toward the nearest highway. Nix had requested we take her to the shopping district of Shelby, a good thirty minutes away. Thirty minutes in the car with Jason . . . but at least we weren’t alone. Of course, not being alone also meant we couldn’t discuss everything

The Demon Code: Chapter Three

As Nix and I walked down the entry hall, I took in the clean lines and warm colors of Devin’s decorating, the perfect mix between chic and cozy, not that I have much of an eye for decor. I was lucky if my pillowcases matched my sheets. It wasn’t long before we ran into our first werewolf, a petite woman with long, silky black hair, olive skin, and delicate Asian features. Lucy tugged her crimson sweater straight over her jeans as she hurried toward us from the adjoining living room. “Xoe!” she exclaimed warmly, wrapping me in a hug as she reached us. She pulled away to continue, “I wasn’t sure if you’d be able to come with the new Demon Code in place. What a pain.” She flicked her gaze to Ni

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