The Witch of Shadowmarsh Sneak Peek!

Elmerah checked the shackles on her wrists for the hundredth time. What a load of dung. How in Ilthune had lowly sea pirates been able to afford magic-nullifying wrist bonds? The ones on her ankles were just simple iron. She would free herself from those easily enough if she had access to her magic…which, she didn’t. The heavy iron hurt her wrists and squeezed her boots uncomfortably at her ankles, not to mention the steady drip drip of water leaking in from the deck above her head to add to her annoyance. She leaned her back against the wooden wall of the small cabin near the ship’s bow, her temporary prison. Her long legs, clad only in thick tights, erupted in goosebumps. A few other women

The Demon Code: Chapter Eight

(I'm late again :(. I am the worst). Back in the car, Jason maneuvered us out of the driveway silently. If it had bothered him to kill the vampire woman, he didn’t show it. Chase sat in the back seat, just as quiet. “I’m going to call Lucy,” I grumbled, retrieving my phone out of my pocket as we pulled out onto the street. I scrolled through my contacts until I found her name and hit dial. She picked up on the first ring. “What’s wrong?” “Oh gee, nice to hear from you too.” Her sigh was audible. “Sorry, we’re a bit up in arms over here. The Council contacted Devin again.” It was my turn to sigh. “Are you at his place? What did they want?” “They wanted to know why you traveled up here when yo

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