Demon Code Update!

It's probably obvious at this point I've been struggling to keep up with things (I've had pretty bad tendonitis lately too). Because of this I've decided to delay the sequel of Witch of Shadowmarsh slightly so I can focus on finishing up The Demon Code! I'm just going to post chapters as I have them (next one in the next day or so), so if my wrists hold up, expect a lot more posts soon! Sorry for all the delays :)

The Demon Code: Chapter Eleven

I ran my hand across the clean countertop at Chase’s small apartment. He’d retreated to the bedroom to pack a bag, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I walked around the counter then opened a drawer, wondering if it was the drawer where they’d found the alleged murder weapon. If Chase really didn’t know about the spheres, then why set him up? Why plant the knife at his place? “You ready?” Chase asked, reentering the room with a duffel bag slung over his shoulder. “As I’ll ever be.” I held out my hand to him. He closed the distance between us and took it. “Do you think the Council knows you’re including me in your new traveling privileges?” I blinked at him. “I actually hadn’t thought about i

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